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Commercial & Residential Professional painting company has been serving Winnipeg for the last 25 years.

Everything we do, we do it right, from start-to-scratch. We are perfectionists and allow no room for error or excuses. We have been doing this for a long time and have 100% Satisfaction from all of our clients over 25 years.

Not only do we paint we can do complete finishing. From drywall, to taping, to mudding, and then painting. Also we are experienced with installing baseboards and cabinetry to finish the project off completely for you.


- Interior/exterior

- Bedroom

- Ceiling

- Door

- Cabinet

- Trim

- Baseboard

- Office

- School

- Businesses

services our painting department offers:

- Drywall

- Framing

- Taping

- Mudding

- Sanding

If you do not see it above do not worry, we definitely paint anything and everything.. with so many years of experience we are familiar with any type of area.

If you are looking for quality services at a great price you are looking in the correct direction.

If you are interested in our services please send us an email below. see what we have to say and why they call us a professional painting company.

We have every sized ladder, top end sprayers, all sized rollers/brushes for any difficult area and more... We are prepared for any/every situation.

Why Choose Us:

- Reliable

- Organized

- Professional

- Experienced

- Great Communication

- Unbeatable Pricing + Quality

We are interested long-term relationships as well. This shows we are not here for the quick job and run. We are interested in building strong relationships for any type of painting work you will possibly need in the future.


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