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completing Winnipeg's top projects since 1990

Paving Services:

- Driveway

- Sidewalk

- Walkway

- Patio

- Stairs

- Ponds

- Fire-pit

- Cement

- Stamped Concrete

- Holland & roman Pavers

- Design & Build

- Parking pad

- Shifting or levelling

- Limestone Gravel

- Polymeric Sand

Winnipeg professional paving company. Specializing in any type of design, build, restoration or maintenance. We are known for our perfectionist work. We have such a passion in paving it really shows in our finished product. We love to take a muddy driveway and turn it into a beautiful one. Making sure we use professional grade with level to code so their is no uneven surfaces.

With paving, it is all about the base/surface. You need to make sure your base is perfectly levelled before laying anything on top of it, weather it may be paving stones or concrete. Many people rush and do not take their time when it comes to making sure the base is up to code. We take extra time and make sure we do multiple tests and examinations before laying anything on top. Once we have confirmation from our professionals that the surface is perfect we begin our with the upper layer. We then make sure we lay each paver or pour each area of concrete very carefully. Going back over the small area we just finished multiple times before moving onto the next sector.

We have completed a countless number of projects in Manitoba. We've done museums, schools, hospitals, arenas and more. We take pride in our work and stand strong behind the projects we have completed. Our job is to make sure you are satisfied, but with the criteria we follow and our perfectionist eye, we guarantee, you will be more than satisfied with the finished product.



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